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Computer Services

I offer many computer services in addition to web design including computer setup, software installation, and one-on-one tutoring.

Website Design

I’m passionate about the Internet and I believe that every business can benefit from having a website. I have a competitive pricing package for every level.

Website Examples

View an example for a store front business with an e-commerce solution and a restaurant complete with menu and reservation form.

Get in Touch

My office is located at 302 N. Washington Ave on historic Main Street in Livingston, Texas right across from the Courthouse gazebo. Click for hours and phone.

About Me

About Me

Jennifer Jones

If you’re from Livingston, Texas you might recognize me as “Chip’s wife” from Gigs of Knowledge. While working at Gigs of Knowledge, I helped many customers with their software and other computer related issues.

I’ve worked with computers for over 20 years and studied computer science at Iowa State University in the 1990s. I currently take online programming classes at Lone Star College because I know how important it is to stay up to date with the latest technology. I especially love the practical element of technology and how it can help others become more efficient and profitable.

Jennifer Jones

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